Pennsylvania residents who work in construction understand that safety is crucial at every job site. Having the right safety equipment and training could mean the difference between going home at the end of the day and going to the hospital. To help workers avoid injury, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified the top biggest risks they face.

It should not surprise anyone that falls rank number one when it comes to fatal accidents at construction sites. OSHA estimates that approximately 36.5% of all fatalities result from a fall. The next most common risk comes from being struck by an object. This danger could come from an object that is misplaced, swinging or falling. The source of these objects could come from anywhere, so remaining vigilant is vital.

By nature, construction sites often have exposed wires or overhead power lines to contend with and to watch out for throughout the workday. If conditions at the site are wet, this only increases the potential for electrocution, which is the third most common source of serious or fatal injury on the job. The fourth most common potential for injury comes from getting caught between or caught in machinery, equipment or vehicles. For this reason, remaining visible and aware of the surroundings could save lives.

Pennsylvania construction workers probably already know they face these dangers every day, but that does not necessarily mean they can always avoid them. They are the biggest risks workers face because accidents can happen even on the safest job sites. When workers are injured, they may apply for workers’ compensation benefits to cover their accident-related medical and medical-related needs, replace a portion of lost income, and more depending on the circumstances.