As more retailers allow consumers to make purchases online, whether the consumers live here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere across the country, they need warehouses from which to ship the items people buy. These warehouses have provided thousands of people with jobs, but also put them at risk for repetitive stress injuries.

It may be obvious that lifting heavy objects day in and day out will eventually have some effect on an individual’s body. This is but one source of repetitive stress injuries for warehouse workers. Workers who perform any motion over and over again as part of their job duties risk injuries. It is possible for workers to suffer from increasing amounts of pain if they do not receive treatment.

Depending on the type of work an individual performs in a warehouse, he or she could end up standing in an awkward position for a good portion of the day. This puts quite a bit of stress on the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons since they have to work harder in order to maintain the person’s posture. Over time, this could result in serious, chronic pain.

Instead of suffering in silence, warehouse workers should report their aches and pains to their supervisors, especially if the pain is preventing them from performing their job duties at their peak. The pain may also interfere with their ability to function in their personal lives as well.

Fortunately, repetitive stress injuries are usually covered under Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system. Even so, applying for benefits is not always an easy process. Having some assistance from an experienced attorney could make all the difference.