Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

3 options for covering costs after a car crash while working

In some professions, driving is the main service an employee provides. Thousands of workers help transportation companies get travelers or goods to specific destinations every day. Countless other workers sometimes operate vehicles as part of their job responsibilities. For example, a computer repair technician might travel to offices or client houses to do work on their devices, or a manager might drive to take a worker to the hospital or pick up a transfer employee from the airport.

Driving while on the job can sometimes lead to motor vehicle collisions. Those involved in serious wrecks may have lost wages, vehicle damage expenses and hospital bills to address. What are the options for compensation after a crash occurs while someone is on the job?

Workers’ compensation may help

Regardless of who was to blame for the crash, a worker involved in a collision while on the job could potentially qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Car wrecks remain one of the top causes of on-the-job fatalities and severe injuries. Workers’ compensation can help replace an individual’s lost wages and can also help cover the cost of their medical treatment. Regardless of fault, workers’ compensation coverage can help reduce the financial consequences of an on-the-job injury for a professional.

Car insurance could help

Those driving while working often focus carefully on traffic conditions, especially if they operate a company fleet vehicle rather than their own vehicle. Despite those efforts, other drivers might cause crashes that put people in the hospital or render a vehicle unsafe to drive. In such scenarios, the driver at fault for the wreck may provide financial support in the form of liability insurance. People can request coverage for injuries and property damage losses. Some drivers can even use their own policies for help if they carry well-rounded insurance coverage.

Personal injury lawsuits may be necessary

If a crash leads to someone dying or causes permanent injuries, a worker may have expenses that go far beyond what car insurance could cover. Those catastrophic losses may make the gaps in workers’ compensation coverage obvious as well. Only receiving a portion of lost wages can cause major budgetary complications for someone hurt on the job. It may be possible to hold the other driver accountable for the crash by filing a personal injury lawsuit against them. In some cases, there might even be another third party with a degree of responsibility for the crash.

People often need to review the details of their collision carefully with the assistance of a skilled legal team to determine how to fully cover the cost of a wreck while working. Seeking workers’ compensation benefits may help employees injured on the job. Workers may also need to explore other sources of compensation when their losses are particularly high.