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Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

How to avoid getting sick at work

Workplace hazards aren’t the only dangers to your health in Pennsylvania. If one of your co-workers gets sick, they could spread the illness to everyone in the workplace, forcing you to take time off while you recover. Here are some tips on stopping the spread of germs at work.

How can you avoid spreading germs on the job?

If you’re the one who’s sick, the best thing you can do is stay home until you’re no longer contagious. Don’t feel guilty about using your sick days. It’s far better to stay home than come to work and infect the whole office. If you don’t have any available sick days, staying away from everyone is the next best thing. Let your co-workers know that you’re not feeling well, and try to stay in your own area as much as possible. You might have to ask your supervisor if you can go home early.

Even if you’re not sick, work safety is still your responsibility. Always wash your hands when you use the restroom. If you know that someone in your workplace is ill, wash your hands more frequently. Avoid close contact with that person, and don’t touch anything they’ve handled.

You can also keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes at your workspace for last-minute cleanings. You never know where the germs might be, so disinfect your workspace as often as possible. For extra protection, wear a face mask when you leave your area. Your co-workers might tease you, but they won’t be laughing if they catch the virus that’s going around.

While it’s important to stay clean and hygienic, don’t obsess over hygiene so much that you neglect your other work duties. If you’re not paying attention when you run into a safety hazard, you might end up making a call to a workers’ compensation attorney.

Can you file for workers’ comp if you get sick on the job?

Most people collect workers’ compensation after sustaining a severe injury. However, you might be eligible for workers’ comp if you catch a serious illness at your place of employment. Speak with an attorney to determine if you’re eligible.