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Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Why should employees move fast on a workers’ comp claim?

An employee may expect “just another day at the job site” only to discover things go horribly wrong. An accident or another mishap leaves the worker injured. Perhaps years of repetitive stress lead to the body giving out. Regardless of why the injury happened, the employee wishes to take advantage of Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws. Moving quickly with seeking workers’ comp benefits might be the right approach to take.

Moving swiftly to procure worker’s compensation claims

People go to work to earn money to pay for their living expenses and to care for their families. When injuries or sicknesses keep someone from collecting a paycheck, the financial strain could be too much to bear. So, moving quickly to acquire workers’ comp benefits seems like an advisable move.

Not everyone takes swift action, as they might not know how the process works. Injured employees may not realize they should tell their employers about the injury without delay. Delays don’t always benefit the claims process and might result in initial denials.

An investigation process goes hand-in-hand with workers’ compensation claims. Since fraud sometimes happens, an investigation is more than a formality. Employees who wait too long to file a workers’ compensation claim could undermine the investigation. Imagine a slip-and-fall accident in which someone fell on spilled motor oil. A week later, long after the accident site underwent a cleaning, reporting the incident occurs when there’s no physical evidence anymore. And what about witnesses? Have their memories faded?

Don’t delay on the claim

Employers have a responsibility to act timely when someone reports an accident. An employer might move without delays for self-serving reasons, such as proving to employees they care about their welfare or saving money. Regardless of why an employer may want to move ahead with validating the claim, any evidence the employer finds that works in the employee’s claim could be helpful.

Injured employees may receive a denial letter if they wait too long. The employee might still receive benefits after filing a successful appeal. Hopefully, things will work out the first time and an appeal won’t be necessary.