Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

2 factors likely to impact outcome of a workers’ comp claim

Workers’ compensation is one of those benefits that are never on most people’s minds until they get hurt. If you are injured while on the job, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer’s insurance provider. But, do you know how your workers’ comp settlement is determined?

A number of factors come into play when determining the outcome of a workers’ settlement claim. Here are two of these factors:

The nature of your injuries

When you win your workers’ compensation claim, you will either be awarded a lump-sum amount or periodic payments over time. If your injury is severe as to require you to miss work to seek treatment, the arising financial pressure may persuade you to opt for a lump sum settlement so you can pay off your medical bills, even if the settlement amount is lower.

On the other hand, if your injury is severe and permanent, you may want to consider stretching the settlement so it can meet your long-term needs.

The need for future treatments

The outcome of your injury is another important factor when determining the outcome of your case. For instance, if you are going to need further treatments in the future, then it is important that you consider this before accepting the settlement offer. Remember, once you accept a lump sum offer, you may not come back to the insurance company for additional claims. This means that you will be responsible for any future treatment costs related to your injury or illness.

Also, if the injury is likely to keep you from work in the future while you seek additional treatment, then chances are you will incur lost wages. And if there is a likelihood that you will suffer from an impairment that will render you unable to work, then you need to seek compensation that will sufficiently support you and your family.

If you have been hurt at work, it is important that you take appropriate steps to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.