Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Common injuries truck drivers suffer

Driving a truck can certainly be dangerous, and that starts with the risk of getting into an accident. According to some sources, the majority of accidents (75%) between trucks and cars are caused by the passenger vehicles. There may be as many as half a million of these crashes every year, and drivers can always be injured in these accidents.

But it’s important to remember that getting into a crash while on the job isn’t the only way that truck drivers get hurt. Simply doing such a physical and difficult job can lead to injuries, and drivers need to be aware of all of the potential ailments that they may face.


One example of an injury that could be suffered by a truck driver is tendonitis. This can happen when somebody twists or strains their body in an improper manner. The damage itself is microscopic, but it can lead to lasting pain in the spine, neck, shoulders or in any joints. Tendons and ligaments connect your musculoskeletal system, so any damage is going to be something that you feel on a consistent basis.

Lower back pain

Many truck drivers will also suffer from lower back pain. In some cases, this can be so severe that it makes it difficult to do the job or to enjoy your life when you’re not on the clock. While an outsider may believe that it sounds easy to sit in the truck for the majority of your shift, the toll that this type of sedentary lifestyle can really take is significant. You may even need to go to a chiropractor or get other types of medical treatment.

Cumulative injuries

A lot of the injuries that truckers suffer, such as lower back pain, are cumulative injuries. There might not even be one singular event where the truck driver gets injured. It’s just that they have to lift heavy objects, use machinery, open and close doors, and sit in an uncomfortable chair every single day. This type of repetition can lead to pain, discomfort and even serious physical injury.

Workers who are injured on the job need to know about all their legal options to seek proper compensation.