Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Auto mechanics are not immune to overuse and other work injuries

Those with auto mechanic training and experience can usually find a steady job that pays fairly well. As such, the industry attracts many Pennsylvania residents.

As with most jobs, mechanics have at least some risk of experiencing a workplace accident resulting in injury. Knowing the types of work injuries common to the auto repair industry may lower your risk.

Overuse injuries

Mechanics perform many different tasks, but most involve making the same or similar motions. Bending over car engines for long periods can cause back strains, sprains and tendon tears. Lifting heavy objects and repeatedly using tools that require the same movements can also lead to overexertion and overuse injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents

Auto shop floors often contain parts or debris and slippery vehicle fluids like oil and brake fluid. Slips and falls are common in repair shops and can result in broken bones, tendon damage and other harm. Sometimes these falls can cause severe injuries like brain damage.

Eye incidents

Eye injuries and permanent damage are common in the auto repair industry. Two examples of how auto shop eye injuries may occur include exposure to caustic fluids like sulfuric (battery) acid and contact with flying sparks from power tools.

Prevention is key

Use personal protective gear (safety goggles, back brace, etc.) to reduce your risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Adopting ergonomic principles as you work can also protect you from on-the-job injuries.

Since most occupational injuries require rest and treatment to heal, exercise your right to file a claim under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws. If you experience trouble filing your claim or if it is denied, consider seeking help from a legal representative.