Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

What makes the construction industry so hazardous?

The construction industry is often labeled as one of the most dangerous that a person can work in. It does lead to the most fatal accidents every year, and there are many construction workers who suffer serious but survivable injuries.

Part of the reason for the statistics is simply that the construction industry is very large. It leads the way in fatal accidents just because you have so many workers in that industry every day, so there is a higher likelihood of a serious accident. But there are also inherent risks within the industry that workers should know. These include:

Breathing in dust

One potential issue is when workers breathe in dust on the job. Asbestos is a well-known issue, but things like silica dust or even wood dust can also be dangerous.

Falling from heights

The top reason for fatal accidents is just that workers are involved in falls. In the construction industry, these are often from a significant height. But any fall can be fatal, especially if the worker strikes their head on the ground.

Overexertion issues

A worker doesn’t have to be involved in a dramatic accident to suffer injuries. They could just have musculoskeletal disorders or issues like back and joint pain simply from doing such a physical job and overexerting themselves.

Accidents with tools

Finally, many workers are injured by tools. Vibrating tools can be especially dangerous, as can heavy equipment. Vehicle accidents are a big reason for injuries on a construction site, which is a major risk when you have tools like cranes, dump trucks, forklifts and much more.

Understanding the risks can help workers stay safe, but accidents will still happen. Those who are injured need to know about all their legal options regarding workers’ compensation and more.