Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Jobs where your hands are at risk of serious injury

Many jobs demand dedication and hard work, but some can put your hand — not just your fingers — at a high risk of severe injuries. From the whirring machinery of factories to the sharp blades of kitchens, the potential dangers are numerous.

We recently discussed serious finger injuries and now want to expand on that to address occupational hazards that can affect your entire hand.

High-risk occupations

Like many people, you may associate hand injuries with assembly lines and manufacturing facilities that use heavy automated machinery. However, these are not the only occupations that can threaten your hands. Here are some others:

  • Meatpacking and slaughterhouse jobs: Meat processing equipment may lead to severe cuts or amputations.
  • Machinists and metalworkers: Metalworking machinery like drills, lathes and presses can pose amputation and crush injury hazards.
  • Construction workers: Power tools, sharp implements and heavy materials put workers at risk of punctures, amputation and crush injuries.
  • Repair technicians: Sharp implements and high-speed moving parts may increase the risk of amputation or deep punctures and cuts.

Understanding your options and rights can be crucial if you suffer severe hand injuries on the job.

Workers’ compensation can be a lifeline

The physical and emotional toll of disabling workplace injuries can be immense and overwhelming. Medical bills can pile up quickly, and the inability to work increases financial hardship.

A successful workers’ compensation claim can minimize economic obstacles. It provides coverage of injury-related medical expenses and partial replacement of lost wages. Total disability benefits may also be possible for as long as the injury keeps you from working.

Much is at stake in the aftermath of catastrophic work injuries. Having experienced legal guidance can help you understand your benefits and ensure you receive fair compensation.