Whether their work is physical in nature or keeps them behind a desk all day, Pennsylvania workers are at risk for soft tissue injuries. One of the most common types of soft tissue injury is back pain. Whether a single event leads to such an injury or it happens over time, it can sideline a worker for a substantial period of time.

Research indicates that for every 10 adults, eight will suffer some sort of back pain in their lifetimes. The three primary causes of this injury are from repetitive motions, especially twisting of the spine, moving or lifting heavy objects, and sitting for long periods without the proper back support. Employers are required to provide workers with the equipment and/or training they need in order to minimize the potential for injury, but that does not mean everyone will avoid this type of pain.

Missing work is only part of the result of back pain. Some workers may only need at home remedies to recover, but others may require more aggressive treatment and medical intervention. Depending on the severity of the injury, a worker may require surgery, physical therapy and equipment to help with walking. Others may require less intensive medical intervention but may still need to take time off work to heal.

Make no mistake, work-related back pain can be a serious injury. Without making changes in the way a Pennsylvania resident works and receiving appropriate medical attention, the situation could only get worse. This type of injury may qualify an individual for workers’ compensation benefits to help with lost income and medical expenses needed in order to recover. To increase the chances of receiving this much needed assistance, an injured worker would greatly benefit from consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.