Although many businesses have been affected by the Order of the Governor in response to the Covid-19 virus the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation system remains open and available to help those injured at work.

We also possess the technology to support remote work efforts and we want to reassure you that we remain fully operational and responsive to all of your legal needs.

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic our firm has decided to WAIVE ALL WEEKLY ATTORNEY FEES for every new Workers’ Compensation client for the rest of 2020.  We want to do our part to give back to the community.  We will continue to reduce our fees on ALL lump sum settlement as well.

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Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

What are some common hazards in the workplace?

Is any job in Schuykill County 100% safe? Sadly, the answer is no. While it is easy to see why some professions such as construction work, factory work and mining are dangerous, office workers, health care workers, servers or hair stylists can just as easily be injured on-the-job.

What are some common workplace hazards?

There are some common hazards that can be present in your workplace. Falling, slipping or tripping are common, even if it is on one level. Being struck by a moving object is also common. For those who work at heights, falling from those heights is common. Repetitive motion injuries are common as are injuries from having to lift heavy objects. This list is not all-exhaustive. There are many ways a person can be injured on the job.

Understand your rights if your workplace is unsafe

Keep in mind that depending on the circumstances, if there is a hazard in your work environment and it is not being addressed by your employer, you can speak up. After all, it is not just your safety that is at risk, but also the safety of those you work with. Depending on the circumstances you may have the right to refuse the work if it is unsafe and your employer is ignoring the danger.

What to do if you are injured at work

If you are injured in the workplace, the aftermath can be emotionally and financially devastating. It will not be long before the medical bills pile up, and you may have no way to pay them if you cannot go to work to earn a living due to your injury. For this reason, if you are injured on the job you may want to learn more about pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. This post does not contain legal advice, so those who want to learn more about workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania can discuss their situation with an attorney.