Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Grocery store workers face many hazards

Grocery store workers help many customers each day. With each of those interactions and every single job duty they handle, these hard-working men and women face hazards that may cause long-term injuries. 

The onus is on the grocery store owners to ensure their workers have a safe work environment. This means providing the grocery store workers with the tools and protocols they need to get the job done without suffering an injury.

Repetitive motions

Cumulative trauma injuries are especially troublesome for cashiers who have to ring up groceries. Proper ergonomics can go a long way to keeping these workers safe from issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Slips and trips

Keeping the floors clean at grocery stores is critical. Any spills should be marked and cleaned up properly. Nothing should be left on the floors that can lead to someone tripping. When items, such as extension cords, need to be placed on the floor, they should be secured to avoid it becoming a trip hazard.

Heavy lifting injuries

Stocking grocery store shelves involves heavy lifting. Sometimes, this comes with awkward items or areas where workers have to reach. Practicing team lifts is important, but workers should also know proper lifting techniques. For example, they don’t need to twist when they lift heavy objects or they risk a back injury. 

Injured grocery store workers should ensure they get immediate medical care for the injuries they suffer because of their work duties. It’s critical for them to seek the workers’ compensation benefits they need to try to avoid financial ruin because of the effects of these work-related injuries.