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Will a new generation of drivers struggle behind the wheel?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

Most older generations have seen owning a car as no big deal in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. However, newer generations aren’t so thrilled to get behind the wheel, and there are many valid reasons for this.

They do not want to worry about car problems

Stressing about automobile malfunctions and other car obligations are not things the newer generations want to worry about. For example, they do not want to worry about the cost of parking or automobile insurance, both of which are important considerations when deciding to buy a car. This is because motor vehicle accidents without the backing of car insurance are quite serious, and this does not include the many repairs that cars often require.

Driving is for work, not for pleasure

This is perhaps the greatest distinction between the older and younger generation. Whereas the older generation saw driving as a fun pastime, newer generations see driving more as a chore.

Newer generations are less swayed by flashy advertisements

Perhaps it is because they have grown up seeing more advertisements in their day-to-day lives than older generations, but in any case, younger generations do not appreciate over-the-top car advertisements. For this reason, most car dealerships do not use flashy ads to get younger generations to buy their cars off the lot. Instead, they try to authentically connect with the younger generation to make the sale. Unfortunately, this method of sales is more time-consuming than other techniques, making cars a hard sell.

The younger generation sees cars as bad for the environment

Since it has recently come into public awareness that gasoline-powered vehicles are releasing hazardous pollutants, the youth have a negative association with cars. Although the amount of pollution has improved, it’s still perceived as a mostly negative thing. For this reason, they’re far more interested in electric vehicles (EVs) as an alternative. With that said, electric cars come with potential challenges, such as with charging the vehicle. Thus, they do not yet want to acquire a gas-powered vehicle, and they have yet to decide to get an electric vehicle.