Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Time is of the essence in your workers’ compensation claim

Your workers’ compensation coverage is supposed to compensate you for the losses you suffer after a workplace accident like medical bills or lost wages. However, it is not an automatic process. You have to go through the claims process to get compensated.

To protect your claim and ensure it goes through without any hitches, you need to adhere to the various timelines that apply to such claims. Remember, the laws vary depending on your jurisdiction.

Here is what you need to know if your workplace accident occurred in Pennsylvania.

You have a limited time to make your employer aware

Ideally, you should inform your employer as soon as you suffer a workplace accident. Under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, you have 120 days to let your employer know about the accident for your claim to stand.

If you go beyond that time, your claim may be dismissed, and you will not get any benefits.

You have three years to file your claim

Workers’ compensation claims are bound by the statute of limitations. This is the law that sets the legal deadline beyond which you cannot claim benefits for your injuries.

In Pennsylvania, you cannot file your workers’ compensation claim three years after the workplace accident. It will be legally time-barred by then, and you cannot collect any benefits.

Safeguarding your rights after a workplace accident

Too often, genuine cases are dismissed because of such mistakes when making workers’ compensation claims. Victims are then left to bear the financial burden of their injuries, yet they may not be in a position to continue working.

Therefore, if you have a valid claim, it is necessary to be aware of such legal technicalities that could affect your chances of getting the benefits you deserve.