Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

All you need to know about work-related back injuries

Every day that you go to work, you risk getting hurt on the job. One of the most common injuries that people suffer from is a back injury, which can stop them in their tracks and require medical intervention.

Back injuries range from aches and pains to devastating spinal cord injuries. Regardless of the type, if you’re hurt on the job, you deserve to have the injury examined by a medical professional and to have an opportunity to seek workers’ compensation to cover the expenses related to your care.

What causes work-related back injuries?

Work-related back injuries are caused by many things ranging from poor ergonomics while sitting at a desk to repetitive strain from performing the same actions over and over again.

Back injuries can be sudden, or they can develop over time. If you start to sense that there is something that isn’t quite right, then you may want to consider having a medical provider order tests to determine the cause of your pain or of the dysfunctions you’re dealing with.

What are some common industries in which back injuries occur?

You can suffer from a back injury in any industry, but some of the industries in which they are the most common include:

  • Healthcare
  • Trucking
  • Factory/Warehousing
  • Policing

In each of these industries, it’s possible to suffer from back injuries due to the normal course of work. For example, a nurse might hurt their back when they try to lift a heavy patient. A truck driver might suffer lower back pain from long drives. Factory workers might develop rotator cuff injuries from doing the same movements time and time again. Police officers might get into a physical altercation and suffer a blow to the back.

These are all examples of how back injuries can happen. If you suffer from one, know that getting medical care is essential. Without appropriate treatment, some back injuries can be lifelong. You deserve an opportunity to investigate your legal rights and to have an attorney on your side to help you get compensated. Back injuries can often heal, but you may need time off work or specialized treatments to help.