Although many businesses have been affected by the Order of the Governor in response to the Covid-19 virus the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation system remains open and available to help those injured at work.

We also possess the technology to support remote work efforts and we want to reassure you that we remain fully operational and responsive to all of your legal needs.

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic our firm has decided to WAIVE ALL WEEKLY ATTORNEY FEES for every new Workers’ Compensation client for the rest of 2020.  We want to do our part to give back to the community.  We will continue to reduce our fees on ALL lump sum settlement as well.

Stay healthy.  If you need answers or help, please call us, reach out to us though this web site or email us directly at: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist*

Your Rights After A Slip-And-Fall

Pennsylvania has laws that require property owners to maintain their premises so that they do not present a preventable risk to visitors. These laws generally apply to business owners and property managers as well as homeowners.

If you have slipped and fallen on someone else’s property, you may have a valid premises liability claim under these laws. Call 570-391-0199 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys in Pottsville today. We do not charge any fees to answer questions.

Get Results Without Spending A Fortune

If you have suffered serious injuries in a slip-and-fall accident, you might worry that you can’t afford your medical bills, let alone the costs of hiring an experienced attorney. For nearly 40 years, Pfeiffer Brown DiNicola & Frantz has enjoyed a reputation for providing skilled legal services for fair fees.

We handle injury claims, such as slip-and-fall cases, on contingency. This means we will not charge you an hourly fee for our work. We charge no fees unless we win. If we negotiate a settlement for you or win an award at trial, we will collect an agreed-upon percentage. This means there is no risk for you, and you can rest assured that we work hard to win.

Did you trip and fall at work? We will use our extensive background in work injury law to get you the best possible recovery.

Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Whether you slipped in an icy parking lot or tripped down a faulty stairwell, or suffered another type of fall, it is important to follow a number of steps to hold the property owner accountable.

  1. Do not make a detailed statement to the property owner or its insurance company after the fall. You may be in no condition to speak about the event and recorded statements could be used against you later to limit your recovery.
  2. Gather contact information from witnesses to your fall if possible.
  3. Take photos of the scene of the fall as soon as possible after the accident if you can.
  4. Contact a skilled and reputable attorney, like those at our firm, before accepting a settlement or signing away your rights.

Do You Have A Case? Contact Us For A Free Review.

Give us a call today at 570-391-0199 or send us an email if you would like to sit down with one of our lawyers, free of charge, to go over your case. This is an opportunity for you to get your questions answered with absolutely no risk, obligation or fee. If we accept your case, we will only charge you an attorney’s fee if we win financial compensation for you.